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1 is a block diagram of an electronic gadget a hundred, according to instance embodiments disclosed herein. Electronic device 100 consists of a quantity of elements, similar to a main processor 102 that controls the overall operation of digital system one hundred. Communication features, together with information and voice communications, are carried out by way of a communication subsystem 104.

Use of the indefinite article "a" or "an" in the specification and the claims is wikipedia reference meant to include a number of options that it introduces, except otherwise indicated. Thus, the term "a predicted string of characters" as used, for example, in "producing a predicted string of characters" can embody the generation of a number of predicted strings of characters. Similarly, use of the definite article "the", or "stated", particularly after a function has been launched with the indefinite article, is meant to include one or more features to which it refers .

The prediction processor could be a software- or hardware-based module communicatively coupled to main processor Get More Information 102. The prediction processor may be both local or remote to digital gadget 100. In some instance embodiments, the processor generates at block 220 predicted strings to which the input string just isn't a prefix.

The processes and logic flows can be carried out by, and apparatus can additionally be applied as, special objective logic circuitry, e.g., an FPGA or an ASIC . 1 is an instance block diagram of an electronic gadget, in preserving with embodiments disclosed herein. Certain features which, for clarity, are described in this specification within the context of separate embodiments, can also be provided together in a single embodiment. Conversely, numerous features which, for brevity, are described within the context of a single embodiment, may be provided in a number of embodiments individually or in any suitable subcombination.

Therefore, the term "the expected string" as used, for instance, in "displaying the expected string" consists of displaying one or more predicted strings. In some embodiments, longer predicted strings are assigned higher scores when the typing velocity increases, and decrease scores when the typing pace decreases. Conversely, shorter predicted strings may be assigned greater scores when the typing speed decreases, and lower scores when the typing speed will increase. A obtained signal such as a text message, an e-mail message, or web web page download is processed by communication subsystem 104 and this processed info is then offered to main processor 102. Main processor 102 discover here processes the obtained signal for output to display 112, to auxiliary I/O subsystem 124, or a combination of both. A user can compose information items, for example e-mail messages, which may be transmitted over community one hundred fifty through communication subsystem 104.

In other words, in these embodiments, the score does not depend on the length of the anticipated string as long as the anticipated string is longer than the enter string by the length threshold. In some embodiments, the rating is dependent upon the variety of character corrections that might be required to alter the input string into the expected string. For instance, if the person typed "id" aspiring to kind "I'd", it may take the consumer as many as five corrections - deleting "d" and "i", and inputting a capital "I", "'", and "d" - to reach on the meant input. In some embodiments, the scores are determined primarily based on the size of the input string. For example, the score can be a function of the typing speed and of the difference between the size of the predicted string and the length of the input string. Throughout this utility, the terms "string" and "string of characters" are used interchangeably.