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We used generalized linear regression fashions for analysis of both passage rates and frequency of actions over the ridge-top space. The predictor variables for both models included imply hourly barometric strain ; wind speed (km/h); temperature (°C); cloud cover (%); wind course, i.e., headwind, east or west crosswind, or tailwind; yr, fall solely; date, Julian; and hour. We included a second-order polynomial term for date in all models to describe the bell-shaped curve of passage with date. In our hourly passage price mannequin, we included an interplay term between wind speed and hour to discover out if hourly passage differed on days with robust winds compared with days with weak winds, and we included second-order polynomial phrases for steady weather variables. For our evaluation of hourly actions over the ridge-top areas, we included interactions between wind speed and cloud cover to establish potential patterns between days with low wind speeds and low photo voltaic radiation.

In the development and operation phases, groundwater levels could be lowered on account of excavation of the open pit and watercourse realignments. The proponent anticipates that adjustments in groundwater levels would be localized to the areas of these actions and would not cause direct adverse results on fish habitat, land use or human well being. Groundwater levels around the open pit would increase again because the pit fills with water during the decommissioning section and stage 1 of the abandonment part. The Agency notes actions and practices within the local area may need to be modified in areas adjacent to the proponent's final property boundary.

Fisheries and Oceans Canada noted that if decommissioning of sure watercourse realignments continues to be the popular option, additional authorizations beneath the Fisheries Act could additionally be required at that time (see Section 7.1). Of the 4 alternatives assessed by the proponent , the proponent chosen the bundle sewage remedy plant (e.g. rotating biological contactor, sequencing batch reactor, membrane bioreactor) as a end result of it's reliable and there is considerable expertise with its operation at northern Ontario mine sites. This choice represents the smallest footprint and is most applicable for the soil and geologic situations on the mine website. [newline]All 4 alternate options have the potential for results on water quality by discharge, seepage or automobile incidents; nonetheless, processed effluent from package deal sewage treatment vegetation could be designed to meet effluent high quality standards. All four alternatives may be prone to air emissions and odours, which could be mitigated by correct design and distant location. Public and Aboriginal participation in the environmental evaluation supplied feedback and information that was considered by the Agency in its analysis.

The Agency has thought of the timing of project construction and operation activities and is mostly glad with the proponent's response. With respect to effluent, the Agency notes the proponent would have to adjust to the Metal Mining Effluent Regulations, and understands that part of this requirement contains environmental results monitoring. The Agency has thought-about the proponent's methodology for assortment of baseline information and notes that Wabun Tribal Council remains unhappy with the proponent's responses for some aspects of the environmental assessment methodology. The proponent offered additional rationale for the baseline methodology and dedicated to surveys to establish reference areas for monitoring prior to mine building.

These plans would be developed with Fisheries and Oceans Canada and with Environment and Climate Change Canada, and through engagement with Aboriginal teams. The Wabun Tribal Council and the Métis Nation of Ontario indicated that the proponent's use of common floor water quality from water bodies close to the mine site to represent baseline conditions does not account for spatial and differences thanks to the season. The proponent responded that their baseline knowledge set spans over two years and covers various local weather and move circumstances. The proponent is of the view that its method is conservative, and that the baseline surface water high quality does not range significantly between sites. These exceedances are predicted to be intermittent, as construction actions happen , and fully reversible.

Turtles and amphibians were added to the proponent's listing of terrestrial biology results evaluation indicators by the Agency, for the aim of the Report. It is anticipated that the transmission line will be eliminated through the decommissioning phase, versus stage 2 of the abandonment phase. The proponent ought to kind a liaison committee with Indigenous teams, the cottagers' affiliation, and the city of Gogama, and supply the committee with web site excursions and entry to environmental reviews. The proponent dedication to work with Aboriginal groups to develop a socio-economic community management plan is noted within the Report. The Report demonstrates a lack of progress on the identification and prevention of acid drainage potential. The Agency should ensure the proponent has performed all required analyses previous to approval of the Project.

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